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My Name is Lady and I'm a one year old Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Susan Lanci Superfan! I live in San Francisco Bay Area & am a co-founding member of Bay Area Cavaliers, a social group for owners and their Cavs. I've been wearing Susan Lanci since my first day at home! In fact, my Cav mom and dad brought me home in the Pink Lynx Cuddle Cup! The Big Bow Collection in Perfect Pink is my signature look!  My Favorite Susan Lanci Piece is my Faux Fur Coat in Chocolate Brown Leopard- It's the perfect combination of sweet and sassy that matches my personality to a T! Don't let my petite frame and sweet demeanor fool you. . . I am a fetch-a-holic and can be found racing back and forth after my ball at my local park. I take my fetching very seriously, but it is always done in style thanks to Susan Lanci Designs! When i'm not out on the town sporting my many SLD accessories, i can be found lounging and requesting belly rubs on my pink SLD Shag Bed, Follow my adventures on Instagram @theblenheimtwins

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