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The SLD Dog Park is here to show off some of our favorite furry friends! We love hearing about your special pal's story in this big world. Is your furry friend an important part of your family? Share your pup's story and get featured in the SLD Dog Park.


Our Dogs


Bark Bark! I'm Tori! I am a sassy little puppy who loves to play! My curiosity often gets the best of me and i can get into a little bit of trouble. My big sister, Liv, Keeps me in line! I love wearing SLD because i get to feel nakey & look glam!  Favorite Toy: Squeaky Teddy Favorite SLD Product: Harness & Collars 


Hi! I'm Biscotti, a 2 year old Peekapoo. I am fun & love the outdoors! Playing with my friends makes me a happy pup! The SLD Bow's & Collars compliment my coat and are fun for everyone!  Favorite Toy: Natural Ball Toy Favorite SLD Product: Bow's & Collars 

Emily & Amy

Emily & Amy are Yorkieshire Terrier Sisters. They are well mannered, world travelers who live in NYC. Emily & Amy love to go to events and make people smile. Amy has been to 26 countries and Emily 9. We recently found Susan Lanci Designs and are OBSESSED!  Favorite Toy: Sister's Toy Favorite SLD Product: Windsor Check Tinkie Harness 


Pumpkin is a 7 year old Maltipoo. Pumpkin's favorite hobbies are snuggling, napping, going on car rides, and guarding the house! Her signature outfit is a Bedazzled Susan Lanci collar and a set of pink booties when out and about. Pumpkin's favoirte foods are hamburger patties and salmon.  Favorite Toy: Stuffed teddy bear that she picked out the night she was adopted.  Favorite SLD Product: Tinkie's Garden Collar (In Pink, Ofcourse)


Lily is a 2 year old Maltese & a 5 LB Diva! She loves to travel with her family. Lily Closely monitors the packing of her bag. When we arrive at our destination, she tears through her bag each morning to find something to wear!  Favorite Toy: Stuffed Bear  Favorite SLD Product: The Pinafore Harness. She has 3 colors! 


My Name is Lady and I'm a one-year-old Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Susan Lanci Superfan! I live in San Francisco Bay Area & am a co-founding member of Bay Area Cavaliers, a social group for owners and their Cavs. I've been wearing Susan Lanci since my first day at home! In fact, my Cav mom and dad brought me home in the Pink Lynx Cuddle Cup! The Big Bow Collection in Perfect Pink is my signature look!  My Favorite Susan Lanci Piece is my

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