SLD Dog Park!


Name: Bailey Story: Hello! Bailey is a sweet seven-month-old Yorkshire Terrier enjoying high rise living in the heart of Houston, Texas. She is adored by everyone and loves to prance around in the latest fashion trends, especially her Susan Lanci hair bows. They add just the right amount of sparkle to her outfits.@agirlsyorkie


  Name: Winston Story: My Name is Winston. I am a 4-Month-Old Boston Terrier. My mom sometimes call’s me a Boston Terrorizer because I am so hyper. Some of My favorite things to do are: Playing in the Waves at the beach, hikes, walks and playing with my Frisbee. As a terrorizer, my family likes me to wear Ultrasuede Collars and Harnesses from Susan Lanci because no matter what activity I am doing; it is impossible for me to destroy it, is easy to wash,


Name: Livie Story: Hi, I'm Liv! A 3 1/2lb morkie who is: a born fashionista, a professional charmer, a trick dog, a working model, and the star of a children's book series. I wear Susan Lanci Designs because the pieces are effortlessly chic and always add an elegant pop to my daily outfits! All of my Susan Lanci pieces are super light weight and soft as well which is especially important when your tiny like me! I love all of the color choices and styles


Name: Coco Story: Hi my name is Coco! I am a 5 month old Maltese! My family calls me coco bean because of my crazy, jumpy personality! I love Susan Lanci designs, especially the cuddle carriers! They are so comfortable and I like being right beside my humans and seeing up high! The accessories are also so adorable and make me look fabulous! I love Susan Lanci best because of the quality and comfort it provides me!@cocothemaltesedog

Luna and Stella

Name: Luna and StellaStory: Luna and Stella are not only sisters, but they are also best friends. They are intelligent, playful, and very pampered! Luna and Stella adore Susan Lanci Designs because they enjoy wearing unique, comfortable, adorable, and sophisticated leashes, collars, bows, and harnesses. They always feel in style when wearing the adorable colors, prints, and embellishments! They love Susan Lanci because it helps them express their character: cute, fun, and always up to date on the newest fashion trends! @yorkies.lunaandstellaName:


Name: Lili Story: Lili is a small Pomeranian pup, who loves to wear booties everyone she goes. She lives in NYC but like to travel with us pretty much to everywhere we go. And most importantly, she loves to smile and she's the happiest pup in the

Abbey Bella

Name: Abbey Bella Story: Abbey is a fluffy little bundle of sweetness and loyalty. She is l happiest when she is in a person's lap, or when she is outside, alerting others of birds and squirrels. It is rare to see her little tail stop wagging. Abbey loves to share her appreciation for comfortable, high quality fashion. Susan Lanci's designs appeal to Abbey's glam side. @abbeybellacavalier