Meet Our Dog Park Members

Aurora (Shih Tzu) x Susan Lanci Designs

Aurora may be small in size, but she has a big personality! She loves belly rubs, chewing toys, and chasing her tail. While she enjoys a...

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Katie (Tabby Cat) x Susan Lanci Designs

Katie might not be a dog but she sure does love Susan Lanci Designs products! Whenever her (human) mom takes her collar off to wash it, Katie...

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Autumn Grace (Pomeranian) x Susan Lanci Designs

Autumn Grace is a Pomeranian who loves to travel. She gives back by modeling in fashion shows to raise funds for canine rescues that help fur...

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Esme (Coton de Tulear) x Susan Lanci Designs

Esme is a Coton de Tulear. She is a sweet, smart, silly little girl! She loves walks & going on adventures with her family in the...

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Jordan (Toy Poodle) x Susan Lanci Designs

Jordan is a Toy Poodle. She was brought from South Korea when she was just 6 weeks old. For a few months, she didn't respond to any commands...

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Addie (Coton De Tulear) x Susan Lanci Designs

Addie is a Coton De Tulear who is sweet, curious, and friendly. She loves to go on walks and play with her toy Lambie. Her...

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Gladys Mae (Toy Poodle) x Susan Lanci Designs

Gladys Mae is a Red Toy Poodle. She is a sweet and sassy girl from Hawaii, full of Aloha. Gladys loves making new friends and...

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Anya (Toy Poodle) x Susan Lanci Designs

Anya is a sassy and spirited toy poodle, who loves to be the center of attention! She likes to dance and figure out puzzle toys....

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Angel (Pomeranian) x Susan Lanci Designs

Angel is a Pomeranian and she loves to travel. She also loves going to the beach and swimming. Her favorite toy is a little lamb....

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Shushu (Bichon Frisé) x Susan Lanci Designs

Shushu is a Bichon Frisé. Her favorite activity is playing tag in the park since she is such a great runner! Shushu is a friendly...

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Abby (Yorkshire Terrier) x Susan Lanci Designs

Abby is a tri-colored Yorkshire terrier. She likes to go to service clubs with her family and always makes sure to let them know when it...

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Abby (Poodle) x Susan Lanci Designs

Abby is a standard poodle and she is so playful! Whenever she goes outside, she always hides in the large-lengthen grass. Her neighbors say she...

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