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The SLD Dog Park is here to show off some of our favorite furry friends! We love hearing about your special pal's story in this big world. Is your furry friend an important part of your family? Share your pup's story and get featured in the SLD Dog Park.


Our Dogs


Hi, my name is Chai, I am a 4 year old Mix. I am a rescue pup from Oakland, California. I Spend most days at the office with my Mom where i hang out with my friends and nap through meetings. My hobbies include posing for photos, lounging on the couch and snuggling.  Favorite Toy: My Teddy Bear Favorite SLD Product: Step-In Harness With Bow 


Hi! My name is Lanci. I am a 2 year old Tea Cup Pomeranian. I am one of the models for Susan Lanci Designs. I may seem a little feisty at times, but i am real softie at heart. I love my two sisters Susan and Puppy. Woof woof!  Favorite Toy: Donut Favorite SLD Product: Scotty Tinkie Harness 


Chanel is a 7 year old Maltipo. She is the Ambassador of unconditional love. Everyone she meets falls in love with her. Chanel loves to go to the park and meet new friends.  Favorite Toy: Baby Squirrels & Teddy Bears Favorite SLD Product: Cuddle Carriers, Bows & Harnesses


Ming is a 2 year old Shih Tzu. He is a Mommas Boy and can escape any crate that confines him to get to his mommy. His Daddy was a show dog in Westminister.  Favorite Toy: Purple & Red Squeaky Stuffed Animal Favorite SLD Product: Everything SLD!  


Bark Bark! I'm Tori! I am a sassy little puppy who loves to play! My curiosity often gets the best of me and i can get into a little bit of trouble. My big sister, Liv, Keeps me in line! I love wearing SLD because i get to feel nakey & look glam!  Favorite Toy: Squeaky Teddy Favorite SLD Product: Harness & Collars 

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