Cuddly Comfort: Discover the Coziest Blankets for Puppies

At Susan Lanci Designs, we believe that finding the perfect blanket for your furry friend is essential for their health and happiness!

That's why we offer an unbeatable selection of ultra-plush, cozy blankets that your puppy will absolutely adore.

A Variety of Puppy Blanket Choices at Susan Lanci Designs

Our exclusive line of puppy blankets features trendy prints and fabrics that you will love for your little fur baby.

Available in multiple sizes, these machine-washable dog blankets fit inside carriers, car seats, and beds, or wherever you want to wrap your pup in luxurious softness.

The Allure of the Curly Sue Collection

Image of a puppy resting on the Puppy Pink Curly Sue Blanket, a custom blanket with great quality.

The Curly Sue Collection from Susan Lanci Designs is a true testament to luxurious comfort for your puppy. This popular blanket collection stands out with its plush embossed fabric, featuring elegant rosette swirls that feel incredibly soft against your puppy's coat.

Available in a diverse range of colors, you can choose the perfect, super-soft blanket that reflects your pup's unique personality and style.

The Curly Sue Collection is more than just a blanket - it's a blend of comfort, warmth, and elegance that your dog deserves.

Shag Blankets: A Snuggly Experience

Image of the Cream Shag Blanket, a custom pet blanket by Susan Lanci Designs.

Imagine a dog blanket that combines an irresistible shaggy texture with unmatched warmth - that's what our Susan Lanci Shag Blankets have to offer.

Crafted from the fluffiest Ultrasuede® fabric, these blankets are a tactile delight, providing a cozy environment your pup will find hard to resist.

Available in five different colors, these blankets transform every nap into a snuggly experience. With the warmth and comfort of our Shag Blankets, your pup will love nap time.

Benefits of High-Quality Puppy Blankets

At Susan Lanci Designs, we believe that investing in a high-quality blanket designed specifically for puppies provides numerous benefits for their health, comfort, and overall well-being. Our plush blankets promote better sleep, provide warmth, and give your puppy an improved sense of security during each stage of life.

Why Ultrasuede® is the Perfect Material for Puppy Comfort

We carefully selected the softest, most luxurious fabric for our line of dog blankets - Ultrasuede®. This luxury fabric offers irresistible comfort and texture while being breathable - it's also extremely durable and easy to care for. What's more, Ultrasuede® naturally resists stains, pet hair, and odors. We think we made a great choice!

Care Instructions for Long-Lasting Softness

Caring properly for your puppy’s high-quality blanket ensures it maintains its ultra-soft texture and prevents damage over time. We recommend machine washing on a gentle, cold setting and either line drying or tumble drying on low. Avoid using fabric softeners or dryer sheets, as they can cause buildup on the Ultrasuede® and change its texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are available for puppy blankets?

Our pet blankets come in a variety of sizes. Our 12” x 16” is the perfect size to fit inside carriers and car seats. For small to medium puppies, 28” x 28” works great. Finally, we have oversized 40” x 55” blankets that allow larger puppies (or the puppy owners!) to stretch out and snuggle.

How do I maintain the softness of my puppy's blanket?

To keep your puppy's blanket feeling soft and fluffy for years to come, we recommend machine washing on a gentle cycle using cold water. After washing, either tumble dry on low or hang dry. Avoid using fabric softeners or dryer sheets as they can leave behind residue that diminishes blanket softness over time. With proper care, your high-quality puppy blanket will maintain exceptional comfort wash after wash.

Can these blankets fit inside carriers and car seats?

Yes, the smaller 12” x 16” size option of our plush puppy blankets is designed to fit perfectly inside pet carriers, car seats, strollers, and even large purses. This compact size ensures your pup stays warm and comfortable while on the go, making it the ideal travel companion. The soft, high-quality material also helps the blanket mold comfortably to the unique shape of carriers and car seats.

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