Tailored Style for Your Pooch: Customizable Collars for Dogs

At Susan Lanci Designs, we believe that a dog's collar should be as unique as they are. That's why we offer fully customizable collars made from premium materials like Ultrasuede® and adorned with genuine Swarovski crystals. Our collars unleash your pup's personality while prioritizing both comfort and durability.

Unleashing Individuality: The Allure of Customizable Dog Collars

A customized collar allows your furry friend to make a true fashion statement. By selecting colors and embellishments that match their coat, eyes, or personality, their collar becomes an extension of their distinctive look. Customizable collars also make great gifts for pet owners who want to pamper their pooch.

Crafting Comfort and Style: The Making of a Custom Collar

When crafting our personalized dog collars, comfort and durability are just as important to us as style. Our artisan designers hand-make each collar to order from soft, flexible Ultrasuede® fabric. This high-end fabric has a soft, plush feel that feels good on your pup's neck. The fabric is also durable, flexible, and easy to clean, making it ideal for daily use.

We embellish the collars with the finest European crystals or other charming accessories like flowers and bows. The result is a fashionable yet functional collar your dog can be proud of.

From Sparkles to Bows: Accessorizing Your Dog's Collar

Image showcasing various accessories like sparkles and bows on a dog's collar.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to accessorizing a custom collar for your pampered pooch. For an eye-catching sparkle, choose from our selection of beautiful Swarovski crystals. These premium Austrian crystals come in many colors to complement your pet's look.

If your dog has an elegant persona, how about three rows of crystals and a bow to suit their noble personality? With so many choices, you will surely find the perfect embellishments to bring out your dog’s unique style!

Perfect Fit for Every Pup: Understanding Collar Sizing

Image demonstrating how to understand collar sizing for a perfect fit.

At Susan Lanci Designs, we want the perfect fit for your pup's collar, blending comfort with security. Our sizing guide simplifies finding the right size, from small to extra large.

Measure your dog's neck with soft tape, leaving enough room for two fingers under the collar to avoid chafing. If your pup is between sizes, choose the larger one to allow room for growth—especially for puppies.

For a collar that grows with your dog, our adjustable collars offer both comfort and convenience.

A Rainbow of Choices: Selecting the Right Color for Your Canine

Image displaying a variety of colorful dog collars for selection.

With countless collar colors and patterns to select from, how do you choose? You might like a uniform look or prefer contrast. One way to select a collar color is by matching your dog's coat or eyes. For example, pair a rich chocolate brown collar with a chocolate Lab. Or try an icy blue for your Husky. Black and white spotted collars complement Dalmatians.

To make lighter-colored fur pop, place a dark collar against it. Or, for darker coats, place a light collar on top. Feel free to get creative and test different color combos. With an extensive palette available, the options with Susan Lanci are unlimited.

Care and Durability: Maintaining Your Custom Collar

Image showing the care and durability of a custom dog collar.

Cleaning your dog’s Susan Lanci collar is hassle-free, thanks to our durable materials. Simply use cold water and a gentle soap or detergent to spot-treat stains as needed, and rinse thoroughly. Air-dry the collar completely before putting it back on your pooch. Repeat this easy wash method as often as required to keep their collar looking fab.

Supporting a Cause: Purchase with Purpose

Susan Lanci Designs proudly stands as a supporter of our local animal shelters in San Diego, CA. Through the purchase of dog collars and accessories, customers actively contribute to the support and protection of less fortunate animals.

Join our mission to improve lives while expressing your dog's unique style.  

Custom Collar FAQs

How do I measure my dog for a custom collar?

It's easy to measure for your custom dog collars! Just download and print our measuring tape or use your own soft tape measure to find your dog's neck circumference. Wrap the tape snugly around the widest part of their neck, allowing room for two fingers between the tape and skin. Then, compare the measurement to our chart to find the right size. For growing puppies or in-between sizes, size up to the next level.

Can the crystals on the collar withstand daily dog activities?

Absolutely! Each personalized dog collar featured premium European crystals and quality stitching to withstand active lifestyles. The crystals are securely applied to resist falling off during play or walks. However, we do recommend removing the collar during vigorous activity or swimming to keep your dog safe.  

What customization options are available for my dog's collar?

Personalize your collar with Swarovski crystals, bows, and more to match your dog's style. Select from 21 colors of soft Ultrasuede® material. Add crystals, bows, and flowers to show off your dog's unique personality. With so many choices, you can create the perfect fashion statement.

How long will it take to receive my custom-made collar?

Please allow approximately 2-3 weeks from order placement to shipment. We lovingly handcraft each Susan Lanci collar to order as a unique accessory. Our artisans individually size, embellish, stitch, and inspect each collar to meet our quality standards. The extra care and attention are worth the wait!

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