Black Fur with Black Curly Sue Cuddle Cup

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Color Black

Our Cuddle Cup is a luxurious treat that can be enjoyed three ways; it can lie on its side to form a sleeping bag for those pups that like to “tunnel”, it can be pulled open to form a blanket for those that want to “nest” and lastly the sides can be rolled over to form a bed. Manufactured in the USA. Washable in cold water; tumble or air dry, but absolutely no heat to maintain the softness and texture.

  • Regular size measures approximately 20” in diameter
  • Large Size measures approximately 25” in diameter

Handcrafted With Love

Each piece is made to order so we can
closely inspect each item and provide your pet the uncompromised quality they deserve.

Extravagant Accents

Made with the finest European crystals. Our use of genuine crystal elements ensures the quality, excellence, and durability of all our crystallized pieces.

Premium Ultrasuede Fabric

Handmade with the highest level of craftsmanship from premium Ultrasuede® offering unparalleled luxury, appeal, performance, and ease of care.

Customer Reviews

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Jessica Wolff

I cannot begin to explain how amazing this company is! Not only is their quality amazing, they are also so responsive. My dogs love EVERYTHING I get from Susan Lanci Designs. I travel 1-3 times a month and my little chihuahua loves her bed cup. I have gotten 2 of them so far, and she just cuddles up in it. The customer service is also amazing and they are just great to do business with! I know it seems a little expensive at first, but once you see the quality of their products, you do not think twice about the price. They live up to their product. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!!