Peace Symbol Black Wizzer

Peace Symbol Black Wizzer

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Size TC
Color Black

Here is a solution for those little guys that never seem to get “marking thing” under control. There are other important applications for this item as well. It’s a great traveling aid when staying in hotel rooms and when you are guest in someone’s home. As dogs get older, even the best trained can have accidents due to incontinence and this can help to maintain their dignity and quality of life. Made from Ultrasuede® fabric with the soft texture and feel of premium suede. Ultrasuede® also has the highest grade of durability, making this Wizzer resistant to stains and discoloration, it is even machine washable! Each Wizzer has a terry pad liner where any number of self-adhering feminine sanitary pads can be attached. A hook-and-loop closure on top makes for a no-fuss, secure fit. Manufactured in the USA

Handcrafted With Love

Each piece is made to order so we can
closely inspect each item and provide your pet the uncompromised quality they deserve.

Extravagant Accents

Made with the finest European crystals. Our use of genuine crystal elements ensures the quality, excellence, and durability of all our crystallized pieces.

Premium Ultrasuede Fabric

Handmade with the highest level of craftsmanship from premium Ultrasuede® offering unparalleled luxury, appeal, performance, and ease of care.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Very well-made. Fast shipping. Highly recommend.

Diane Leighton
S/m wizzer

This wizzer fits a little better than the med on my dog especially where it hits him on his back legs/ hips

Diane Leighton
Cheetah wizzer

I love all the wizzers. My 15 yr old Chihuahua/ terrier wears one all day and has bever minded it. Of course he also wears a pad with it I use Always thin in 5 long. I like those little mesh bags you send with them as that is what I wash them in

Marilyn Donoff

Absolutely wonderful. Work like a charm.


Every owner with a hormonal dog should have at least one! Saves my carpets and bedding!

Diane Leighton
Best wizzers

Your wizzers are the best ever. My dogs have never had a problem wearing them. And I use a "poise" pad to collect the urine.

Nancy Squier

My Havanese pup has begun to ‘Mark’ in our home! aughhhhh! This Belly band has changed the game for sure!

Judith Cardwell

I am very pleased with the service received from this company and the quality of the product. My 8 month old Havanese has adjusted to the wizzer and appears to have no discomfort when wearing. I recommend this product without hesitation.

Sandy Bremer
great quality

excellent fabric, construction, and closure. We add an incontinence pad for our 15 year old Yorkie who seems to forget where he is at times...
Only complaint is the cost, but again, it is high quality

Katherine Manzagol

This belly band is made so well & stays on . I would highly recommend it & plan to purchase more as needed.