How to Properly Fit Your Dog-A Sizing Guide

How our products fit and what makes their design exceptional.

Susan Lanci read an article one day that changed her life. She became concerned about a collapsed trachea with her dog. That began her search for a better harness style that would protect Bailey’s neck, her beautiful Yorkie. Bailey was also a Certified Therapy Dog who accompanied Susan to the nursing home. Bailey would be wearing this harness a lot. Susan necessitated that the harness would not only fit well, but it also had to be comfortable for Bailey, and of course, it had to look stunning. That sparked something that later came to be Susan Lanci Designs, a premium line that has decorated millions of happy, safe, healthy dogs across the world.

Tinkie harnesses are built around the needs of smaller dogs. This style of harness allows your dog to be lifted by the D-ring design safely and comfortably. The Tinkie harness can be adjusted at both the neck as well as the chest. That ensures a perfect fit for every dog. The Step-in harness comes in a total of 11 different sizes, so we promise to have your dog's perfect fit.


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Chest Verses Neck

Small dogs especially are prone to injuring their necks while pulling against their leashes. Retractable leashes are also a cause for alarm. When a dog pulls them out to their maximum length, they can cause a jerk on their collar. That can cause neck wounds or burns, damage to the trachea, and even spinal injuries.

On the other hand, harnesses are designed to place more emphasis on your dog's chest instead of around their neck. Having your dog wear a harness will discourage pulling. When your dog wears a collar and pulls against its leash, they still move forward, making them think that they were successful. A harness will keep your dog from harming itself even if they pull against a leash. 

step-in harness will distribute the pressure evenly throughout your dog's chest rather than concentrate it only around the neck.

Brown Fabric 



This fabric is so luxurious that it's used in high-priced sports car interiors as well as high-end fashion and interior design projects. You can even find Ultrasuede on airplanes, sports gear, and mobile devices and accessories. Its diverse applications continue to expand to a variety of industries. Including dog collars and harnesses.

Ultrasuede is a premium suede that is made in Japan. Its soft texture and high quality make it ideal for dog harnesses. The soft and plush fabric is combined with high functionality and durability. Due to its unique construction, this fabric is made using recycling technology. Ultrasuede is a breathable alternative to natural leather. It also is very easy to care for.

Ultrasuede is scratch-resistant and doesn't fray, so there are no stray threads. This premium fabric is also resistant to stains and doesn't absorb odors. 

Ultrasuede will not stretch over time with proper care. When sizing your dog, be sure to measure accurately and keep to the closest measurements.


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How to Measure Your Dog for a Harness

It can seem intimidating at first, but it doesn't have to be. In fact, getting your dog to hold still might just be the hardest part. When you go to measure your dog be sure to use a fabric or soft tape ruler. Some companies advertise that they sell theirs based on weight, but we here at Susan Lanci Designs know that's far from the truth. A Boston terrier and a toy poodle won't have the same measurements even if they are close to the same weight.

Do not use a hard ruler to measure. If you don't have a soft tape ruler, that is okay. Grab a piece of string to measure your dog, and then you can measure with whatever ruler you have on hand.

All of our harnesses are made to fit your dog because we understand that every dog isn't built the same. That's why Susan Lanci Designs offer many standard sizes that will fit a variety of dogs. Each of our standard sizes is built around a single measurement, so you will only need to measure your pet once.

To properly measure with a tape measure or piece of string you should wrap the measuring tape around the area that you need to measure. The string or tape should be tight but not too tight. A general rule of thumb is that you should be able to place 1-2 fingers between the collar (or tape in this case) and your pet's neck.

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Dog Measurements



When you go to measure your dog for a Tinkie Harness be sure to measure their girth measurement. These harnesses are made to fit this measurement and you should take this measurement from right behind your dog's front legs up and around their chest.


For the Step-In harness, you will need to measure the chest or girth as well, for this style of harness. You should take this measurement from right behind your dog's front legs up and around their chest.


This original design relies on the same girth measurement. You should take this measurement from right behind your dog's front legs up and around their chest.


For this measurement, you will measure around your dog's neck at the base of their neck. This will prevent things from being too tight.

Picking Your Product and How to Order

While Ultrasuede is a soft leather alternative, it will not stretch over time like leather. Like many humans, as dogs get older, they may fill out, or even if they gain a little weight. The soft material does have some give to it and allows for small adjustments like this. However, you will still need to properly measure your dog to ensure the perfect fitting harness carefully.

If you need any help to properly size your dog please reach out to our customer service. We are happy to help!

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