The Best Things to do with your Dog Outside


As the winter blues melt away, the nicer weather has us all itching to get outside a bit more. That includes our four-legged best friends. It’s always a great idea to get out for a walk with your best friend in cities or in the suburbs. 


National Take a Walk in the Park Day gives everyone an excuse to get out and enjoy that fresh spring air. While just getting out for a walk can be nice, there are a lot of other fun activities to do while enjoying a day outside with your dog. 


Susan Lanci Designs has put together this little guide with outdoor activity ideas to make this year’s National Take a Walk in the Park Day the best one yet!


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Dog on a walk at the beach

National Take a Walk in the Park Day


On March 30th, National Take a Walk in the Park Day encourages people to get outside. This national holiday is a great way to reconnect with nature or just take a moment to get away from a long day of work. A walk can help to reenergize and can help to clear your mind.


If you don’t have a favorite walking trail or can’t leave home, that’s perfectly fine. Although, this national holiday reminds you to stretch your legs after the cold winter months there are even ways you can take virtual walking tours of other worldwide locations. Ever want to walk through the Swiss Alps? Take your phone and join them on the virtual walk. Be sure to tag your outdoor fun on social media too. 


Why Should you Celebrate?


Walking is a perfect way to relax and unwind, both physically and mentally, and taking your dog with has benefits for both you and your furry best friend—an all-around winner. 


Participating in National Walk in the Park Day is the perfect way to improve your mental and physical health, but it also offers social benefits for you and your dogs. It can help improve cardiovascular strength, lower blood pressure, help build strong muscle and bones.


Walking your dog a few times a week can also help your dog reduce the risk of obesity, liver disease, and insulin resistance. Taking your dog for a walk is also a great way to bring joy into their lives. They love all the sights and new smells they get to experience while spending time with their best friend, you.  


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Things you and your dog can do 


While just going for a walk can be great, sometimes you have to switch things up. Just getting outside can be great, but walking the same path day after day can make it feel like the morning commute after a while. 


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Here are some great ideas on how to celebrate National Take a Walk in the Park Day!

  • Walk around your local park. Most areas have some type of grassy place for kids to run off their energy, or maybe you are lucky and have a few in your city. Walking around your local park is the perfect way for your dog to get to know their neighbors. 
  • Play fetch at a baseball park. While your dog is always an all-star, they won’t be ready for the big leagues. However, most areas have a minor league field that is usually open to the public. If you find your dog bouncing off the walls, letting them run in a large fenced-in area would be perfect. 
  • Find a new best friend at a local dog park. While not all dogs love hanging out with friends, most do enjoy social interactions. It’s also the perfect place for your furry friend to show off their favorite Susan Lanci fashion. Just be sure to do your part to stay safe during the COVID outbreak. The CDC has excellent guidelines. 
  • Get a puppuccino! Even if your dog doesn’t like parks or people, that’s okay. You can still get out, get some fresh air, and spend some time with your best dog friend. Many coffee shops have the option to get a splash of whipped cream into a cup just for your dog. So take a coffee break and get your companion their little treat!
  • Take a trip to the beach. If you aren’t near one already, this one might not be for you or you can make it a full-day trip. Taking a walk down a beach is a great way to spend the evening. The setting sun will sparkle against the Swarovski Crystals on your Nouveau Bow Step-in Harness.
  • Enjoy dinner on a Patio. Enjoying the fresh air doesn’t always mean a full-body cardio workout. As the weather becomes more enjoyable, more restaurants and bistros are opening up patio seating so you can enjoy a meal or drink outside in the fresh air.


 Bow with Crystals on it


No matter what activity sounds like fun to you, just spending time with your furry friend is a reward within itself. Susan Lanci harnesses are designed to keep your pet safe while you enjoy the benefits of being outside. 


Outdoor safety tips


Having fun is great, but staying safe means you can enjoy this fun bonding time with your dog for a long time. Keep these simple tips in mind while you explore the great outdoors.


  • One of the most important things for a safe and fun walk is having the right equipment. Susan Lanci handcrafted a safety harness specially designed with small dogs in mind. 
  • Keep water with you. While it might not seem hot at first, the excitement of being outside can quickly dehydrate your dog. Taking drinking breaks often can help keep you both safe. 
  • Make sure it’s warm enough for a walk. Small dogs are sensitive when it comes to cold temperatures. Or you can slip on your Susan Lanci coat and dazzle the cold away.
  • Stay healthy! Be sure to follow guidelines and CDC recommendations when it comes to being around others. 


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Take a Walk


No matter what activity you choose to celebrate, on National Take a Walk in the Park Day spending the day with your dog is the perfect way to enjoy it. 


Be the talk of the town with the sparkle of spring. Safe, durable, glamorous. Susan Lanci Designs has the exact accessory to match your fashion sense.