Personalized Fashion for your dog!

Designed by you, Handcrafted by Susan Lanci Designs

Have you been looking for a glamorous look for your dog, but nothing looks unique enough? Do you want luxurious accessories without compromising quality? Sometimes off-the-rack fashion just isn’t good enough for your furry best friend.


With a custom design, you can create one-of-a-kind accessories that will highlight your dog's uniqueness and your own eye for glam.

 Custom Dog Accessories

Custom Designer

Personal luxury at your fingertips. Using your keen eye for design, it only takes a couple of clicks to create a unique look for your pup.


With over thirty different colors and patterns to choose from, Ultrasuede is comfortable and durable. Perfect to showcase your dogs’ at-home sense of fashion and durable enough for a trip to the dog park.


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Add some bling with genuine Swarovski crystals to highlight your dog's luxurious sense of style. Add some bows to showcase a cute, but stylish look.


Durable fashion is a luxury every dog deserves. Machine washable, fade-proof color and stain-resistant collars and harnesses allow your dog to live the glam life. While looking good, these are specifically designed with safety in mind.


Custom Dog Collar


Custom Dog Collars

The most stylish way for your dog to hang out around the house!

Our customizable pet collars have more than thirty different colors and patterns to choose from as a base. Genuine Swarovski crystals in four unique styles can be applied around the collar to depict elegance. And a bow for the perfect finishing.


The collar base is the ideal size at 1/2" wide. D-ring allows for charms or tags to be worn.


Unlimited combinations offer exclusivity and luxury for your pooch and allow you to match your own style for a truly unforgettable look.


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 Custom Dog Harness

Designs Your Own Dog Harness

Safe, fashionable, exclusive. A custom harness is a perfect way to highlight your dogs’ glamorous side. With two different styles to choose from and almost unlimited personal design options, there is something for everyone.


Custom Step In Harness

Glam has never been so easy. No-fuss step-in design makes it easy for your furry best friend to look their best. No-choke comfort design offers the safest walk. Premium Ultrasuede is stain and discoloration-resistant, machine washable, and can be fully customizable with genuine Swarovski crystals, bows, and flowers.

There are thirty-five different colors and patterns to choose from, and that’s just the beginning. Highlight the glam life with the options to add some sparkle, bows, or charms to make your dog’s harness a one-of-a-kind design. You will also know exactly what your final step-in harness will look like with our live creator.


Custom Tinkie Dog Harness

Make our most popular design your very own. Elegant and safe, these comfortable harnesses are a dog’s best friend (besides you of course). Machine washable and fade-resistant. These custom pet harnesses are built to last a lifetime


The custom Tinkie harness has a unique design specifically for small dogs. Ensuring that any pressure from pulling is dispersed over the chest rather than the neck. The simple hook-and-loop closure makes this elegant design easy to put on your happy pup.


There’s no surprise that these custom harnesses are loved by dogs and their owners alike. Customizable beyond your dreams, with more than thirty-five base colors and patterns to choose from, custom trim options, and embellishments to match any style.


Are you ready to be a designer? Start creating your unique Tinkie Harness or Step In Harness today and be the talk of the town tomorrow!


Personalized Dog Bed


Personalized Pet Beds and Blankets

Comfort has never looked so you. Susan Lanci Designs offers personalized pet beds and blankets, perfect for napping in style.


Offering more than ten different fabrics to choose from these custom dog beds and blankets are sure to wow anyone who visits. Add your pup’s name for a truly unique style. Bows can be added to the beds as a showstopper. Different font options are also available for a style that matches you.


Durable and machine washable, our custom blankets and beds are the perfect way for your dog to slumber in comfort. Super soft, super personal, and perfect for your best friend.



Choosing the perfect size can seem intimidating. As we all know, different brands fit differently. Susan Lanci Designs makes it easy. Just select the true size for your pup and it will fit perfectly.


Harnesses are measured against a single measurement, making it easy to find your dog’s perfect fit. Don’t worry about stretching, unlike natural leather, Ultrasuede doesn’t stretch out over time and use. The comfortable fabric does have some give but will hold true to its measurement.


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Cleaning and Care

A single trip to the park can ruin some dog harnesses, but not these. Even our custom designs with genuine Swarovski crystals, bows, and flowers are machine washable. Stain-resistant material and durable construction make these high-fashion dog accessories perfect for everyday use.


We do recommend that you use a lingerie bag when washing and use cold water. Just mild soap is needed for these, no softener. Air or tumble dry with no heat to keep your dog looking fashionable for years to come.


Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to highlight your dog’s unique sense of fashion. You can even match your own sense of style or accent your living space with our stylish personalized dog accessories.


A unique look for your unique best friend. Safe, durable, and classic. Designed by you, handcrafted by Susan Lanci Designs.


Unleash your inner designer today. Shop our custom designs.

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